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Need a Garage Door Accessory?

Did you know we offer optional garage door accessories? These devices complement your opener and are super convenient because they fit in a purse or a pocket. For instance, you can take your opener with you when you leave your vehicle, which cuts down on someone breaking in to your... Read More

Can a Thief Intercept the Radio Signal of Your Garage Door Opener?

Transcript from ABC News: Tonight, new concerns raised by a small device that can help thieves gain easy access to homes. It’s called a code grabber and if you use a remote control to open your garage door, you could be a perfect target. Here’s ABC’s Phillip Mena. Watch this... Read More

Overhead Door Named “Brand Leader” by Remodeling Magazine

Remodeling Magazine just released the 2015 edition of the Remodeling Brand Use Study, which ranks brands in 54 product and three tool categories that remodelers regarded highest and used most often. The Overhead Door brand was named the “Brand Leader” in its category for both Brand Familiarity and Highest Quality.... Read More

To the Rescue!

Sometimes you need a hero. When your troubles are garage door related, your hero is Overhead Door Company of Albuquerque. Exhibit A: You back in to your garage door. The door is notably off its track, damaged, and not operating. Oh no. What next? No biggie. We’ve got you covered.... Read More

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Modernize Your Home’s Look

How can you modernize the look of your home’s exterior without a major renovation? One option is to change up your garage door with a sleek vertical window column. Check out this before and after photo from Albuquerque, NM. Read More

Golden Oak for Albuquerque

Have you considered getting a garage door? Have you thought about whether you would want a textured wood grain finish? Feast your eyes on this Thermacore Model 199 garage door in Golden Oak wood grain finish before you make up your mind. This customer chose the Stockbridge 2 3-Lite window... Read More

In with the New

In with the new…garage door! See the difference this Thermacore Collection, Model 198 door makes on this brick home. The window style, Stockton 2 12-Lite, complements the home’s facade. Read More
Carriage House Collection Garage Door Model 305

Overhead Door Adds Two Panel Designs to the Carriage House Collection

Two new panel designs are available in the ever-popular Carriage House Collection! The new designs, Model 305 and 306, offer a unique look to homeowners. – Model 305: features a flush panel with rails and stiles outlining each door section, creating a unique style that will compliment a wide range... Read More
Women's Choice Award

Most Recommended Garage Door Brand for 4 Consecutive Years

Overhead Door received the Women’s Choice Award for the 4th consecutive year in 2015. In a recent national survey women identified the brands they most highly recommend and Overhead Door was named America’s most recommended garage door brand for a 4th consecutive year. This video features the founder of the... Read More

Create an Amazing Indoor/Outdoor Space with a Full View Door

Bring the outdoors in with a custom full view, full vertical door. Overhead Door Company of Albuquerque worked with a contractor remodeling a residence. The homeowners wanted to create an indoor/outdoor living space to take advantage of the great climate. French doors once existed where the new vertical door lives.... Read More

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