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15 Years of a Screeching Garage Door

There can be more than one issue with your garage door if it is acting up. Our technicians will look into any issues you mention because it could be a clue as to what the problem is. Take it from Linda, who called for her motor to be repaired and got that screeching fixed once and for all.

Kudos to James [technician]! For 15 years my garage door has squeaked and screeched. No amount of lubrication fixed the annoying problem. Two different garage door companies have looked at the door and after additional lubrication, told me it was installed incorrectly so nothing could be done.

James responded to my call to fix the motor. While he was troubleshooting the motor problem, I mentioned the annoying noise. He took the time to assess the situation and recognized that the bottom brackets were not installed to stabilize the rails. He attached the brackets and fixed the motor.

Today I am living with a smoothly working and very quiet door. Thank you James!

– Linda, Albuquerque