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We Always Use the Right Tools and Materials for the Job

Our garage door technicians pride themselves on getting your garage door up and working in optimal shape in no time! Our technical expertise and attention to detail set us apart from others.

John found that out when he realized his door used garage door springs that weren’t rated to carry the weight of his garage door. Not only can that strain the springs, but it also affects all the other components that make garage doors operate. To get your garage door in proper working order, consider our planned maintenance program!

Customer Quote

Last time my garage door springs broke, a technician from another company used springs that were clearly too small for my 360-pound garage door. The Overhead Door Company of Albuquerque technician took the time to weigh my door to ensure he put in the correct strength springs and the door closes more smoothly than it has in awhile. I appreciate the technical knowledge and professionalism of the Overhead Door tech.

– John, Albuquerque